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Welcome to the Active Health Clinic!   

We are a group of health care professionals that specialise in solving your aches and pains and improving your performance, whatever your challenge may be. We treat all age ranges and gain as much satisfaction out of fine tuning the best athletes as we do helping our older patients keep their independence and quality of life.


Our team consists of musculoskeletal specialists from the fields of Chiropractic, Physiotherapy, Pilates, Massage and Personal Training.


If you're unsure who to see, or how we can help, speak to one of our practitioners. You can talk through your options for free and without any further obligation. Just call the number in the side bar or browse our site for more details.

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Chances are that if you have found us, you have lost some aspect of your health. Many people think this happens from bad luck, an injury or an accident.


How many times have you heard something like, "All I did was lean over to pick up a coffee cup and my back went"? The simple truth is that coffee cups do not cause low back pain and nor does leaning. With the exception of serious injury, most of us have our problems by design. 


The good news is these designs, created by our lifestyles, our joint mechanics and our activity levels, are rarely set in stone. Doing nothing is unlikely to improve the situation and is probably part of the problem. If left poorly functioning or unbalanced, the body's nerves, muscles and joints may start to make changes in an attempt to help cover up the problem. However, these changes only work well in the short term and if left will often become more permanent. You can only compensate for so long before pain will let you know a limit has been reached. If your body keeps overworking to compensate, eventually structures will fail and damage will occur. Therefore, these changes or compensations to underlying problems are often the culprits in 'wear and tear', scar tissue formation and the subsequent reduction of mobility. Regretfully, this is when many people start to take pain killers, rather than listening to their bodies. 


If you want to take less painkillers and get back on track, let us find the way to give your body back its control, its strength and its flexibility. Let us design your solution. 


If you're still wondering whether or not we can help, call us on 01225 581111, or write to us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . No matter how great the challenge, almost everyone can lower their pain levels or improve their performance with the right guidance.


Best wishes and good health,



Robin Marshall

Clinic Director